Tortilla Pizza

These tortilla pizzas are a favorite around our house. And it couldn't get any easier, while still making the whole family happy. My two year old even loves these, and there's not much he likes right now. For the "crust" you can use a tortilla, or a pita, or a wrap. Here's how to make a tortilla pizza.

tortilla pizzas


  • Tortillas, pitas, or wraps
  • Pizza sauce from a jar (if you don't have any pizza sauce, use some tomato sauce seasoned with garlic powder, oregano, a little Italian seasoning.)
  • Toppings - pepperoni, hamburger, sausage, bacon, black olives, green olives, onions, peppers, mushrooms, ANYTHING you want, as little or as much.
  • shredded cheese - you can use mozzarella or just use any cheese you have handy. I've used cheddar, Mexican blend, Muenster, and mozzarella. They were all good.


Preheat oven to 425. I lightly spray a cookie sheet with spray olive oil spray and place my tortillas (pitas or wraps) on the sheet.

Take a spoon of pizza sauce and lightly cover the tortilla. It doesn't take much and you can store the jar in the fridge for next time!

Pick your toppings. If you love pepperoni and plan to use it often, you can buy a HUGE bag of pepperoni at Sams Club and divide it into smaller portions and freeze the bags for later use. It's much, much cheaper this way! Even better if you can find a friend to share it with you.

Top with cheese and pop into your hot oven. It doesn't take long. Check after 5 minutes or so, and it's ready when the cheese is hot and bubbly all over.

If you're using a wrap, you can then fold it over into thirds and eat with a fork. If you've used tortillas, cut with a knife or pizza cutter.

This is a great easy answer to "what's for dinner?" See picture ideas below. You really can't do this wrong.

Cheese makes it great!

There are no rules. Use a low carb wrap to make a low carb pizza wrap or a low carb pita to make a low carb pizza, or use a whole wheat tortilla. It works, and it tastes great.

Top of Tortilla Pizza

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