Proper Home-Made Macaroni.

by Judith O'Neill

You will need:

  • Two generous dessert spoons of plain flour

  • One and a quarter dessert spoons of Butter

  • A dash White pepper

  • A dash Black pepper

  • A pint of Milk

  • Pasta (as much as you want)

  • Cheese between half and three quarters of the big block

1. put the kettle on for the pasta
2. put the flour into a pot along with the butter and the two kinds of pepper.
3. Turn on the hob at a low heat and stir the flour etc.
4. it will start to go into a paste once all the butter has melted; wait a minute.
5. then Slowly add the milk not all at once or it will go lumpy, add maybe 2 dessert spoons of the milk. (no need to measure)
6. when stirring the milk slowly into the mixture, the mixture will soak up the milk once it does that add more in.

*Remember to always stir the mixture or it will stick or go lumpy*

7. when you use up half a pint of milk stop putting the milk in and concentrate of stirring for 2 minutes, then add almost all of the milk that's left.

*always keep a little extra milk back in case the mixture gets too thick when you add the cheese*.

7. probably best to start cooking your pasta now just cook that normally.
8.bring your mixture to the boil.
9. once at the boil add your cheese in slowly and mix it in until you have no more cheese left.
10. then just wait for your pasta and mix it together.

P.s if your sauce is too thick before you add the pasta to the sauce) this would be the perfect time to add the milk that you saved just add it in slowly until your happy with it.
Hope you like it its my fav.

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