Inexpensive Meal Planning

Inexpensive Meal Planning

Inexpensive meal planning just got better! 

Imagine a world where every single week an email arrives in your inbox that has 5 easy dinner recipes and a shopping list to make everything on the menu.  Sweet, right? 

And it's even sweeter when I tell you that now I've given you three different payment options, monthly, three months, and 1 year (best value!)   I've put this offer together as a way of saying thank you for a hugely successful run since I began this site 7.5 years ago. 

Week after week of delicious food *every single dish approved by my family and photographed by me* and for pennies per day...literally!

↓↓ Example of Actual Food ↓↓

        Chicken Avocado Pasta             7 Layer Crock Pot Soup                 King Ranch Casserole

↓↓ Example of Actual Menus ↓↓

Order Now!

I love being able to offer the new pricing options.  This gives YOU the ability to use our service based on YOUR needs.  Do you have a stressful month ahead?  Pick the monthly plan, and stay with us as many months as you need.  There's no minimum.   Don't want to think about what you'll have to cook for the next three months?  Choose the 3 month plan.  If you really want value and variety, go with the yearly plan, and receive 52 total weeks of menus-recipes and shopping lists.  What a deal for less than .50 per week!

♥ Perfect Gift for Yourself or a Friend ♥

Your paypal email address is the one that your email will automatically go to.  You must go confirm the subscription to activate your weekly dinner subscription.  After that, if you prefer to have it sent to a different email, just let me know, and I can change that for you.  **If you're giving this as a gift, please note it in the special instructions, and we will get it going to the recipient of your choice**

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Don't forget, when you order now you're covered by my rock-solid money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the menu when you receive the first week, simply request your money back, and I'll give you a swift and courteous refund. No questions asked!

Want to Read More?

Are You Spending Too Much At the Grocery Store or Drive Thru? You are not alone!

Did you know that the average family of four wastes 25% of the food it purchases?  Astounding, I know!  That equates to an average of $2275 per family per year!  Ouch!  So much of your money is going in the trash!

The good news is that I can help you save time and money  My name is Tiffany, and I am the owner of, and I can help YOU take the stress out of supper time.   A few short years ago I found myself domestically challenged to say the least.  I married the man of my dreams, had my first beautiful child, and found out that I was completely and totally ill prepared to assume the duties that came with being a stay at home mom.  After all, my intentions were to have a career.  I had just spent the past 6 years getting a bachelor's and master's degree.  I never even took a Home Ec course in high school!  See, I really was domestically challenged!

I had roughly 4 meals that I could cook well.  Hmmm...four meals to get me through 365 days in a year.  Something didn't add up.  I began calling my sister every night to see what she was cooking.

Are These Menus a Good Fit for You?

  • Are you tired of the same old meals and ready to try something new?
  • Do you need recipes that are also kid friendly and serve at least 4?
  • Does your busy schedule require quick and easy dinners in the evening?

That's when a light bulb went off!  If I was struggling with dinner every single night, there must be others who were in the same boat as me.  In 2007, was born for people like me and people like YOU!  After a very successful run over the past six years, I have decided to add the ultimate solution to your dinner problems.

You will:

  • Save money by not buying groceries you don'€™t need!
  • Save time because you'€™ll know exactly what to cook five nights a week

These are not computer generated meal plans by some large company!  These are recipes from my friends, family, and my website.  All of the meals are ones I have personally cooked for my family of four!  I have tasted and photographed each one, and you can reference those on the website, if you choose.  I did not include any meals that my family didn'€™t like.  That'€™s my long way of telling you that you will love the food! 

All of the recipes are very easy to cook!  The beginner cook will appreciate being able to put together delicious meals without a lot of fuss.  The seasoned cook will breeze through these menus and love the variety.

taco ring bake
easy chicken pot pie
chicken enchiladas

          Taco Ring Bake                     Easy Chicken Pot Pie                 Chicken Enchiladas

All of this will be emailed directly to you!  You won't have to remember to come to the website and find it.  This extra step of emailing it to you costs me money, but I truly want to make this easy for you!   I am you! 

Here's the best part!  I wanted this to be AFFORDABLE for everyone!   I didn't want anyone to be left out because of the price. 

What would you say if I told you that all of this would cost you $25 per year?   Crazy, huh?  I am sincere in that I wanted anybody who needs this to be able to afford it!  I know many of you are young.  I know many of you have families.  Perhaps you're living on a single income.  That's why I priced it so low! 

Order now & receive this super low promo price of $25 per year!   For LESS than you would spend on ONE trip to your favorite fast food place,  you will receive:

  •  5 easy dinner recipes, emailed each Thursday X 52 weeks
  • An organized shopping list for those recipes X 52 weeks
  • Instant access to the first week, in case you're ready to start right now!

That's a bargain.  Period.  Imagine the time and money it will save.

bacon ranch chicken pasta
chicken fried rice

 Bacon Ranch Chicken Pasta       Chicken Fried Rice             Honey Mustard Chicken

Join our happy group of menu subscribers today.  We can't wait to welcome you!

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