Meats in the freezer

Things I try to keep:

Always have these meats in the freezer!

Hamburger meat 5 lb roll (see note below)

Frozen Chicken Breasts 10 lb bag

So you're heading to the grocery store. If you're a thrifty one, buy a 5 pound roll of hamburger meat. When you get it home you can divide it up into usable amounts, store it in freezer bags, and have one of the main ingredients for your quick and easy dinner waiting for you in the freezer at all times.

* One of my mom's tips is to cook the whole 5 pounds of meat along with a chopped onion and some minced garlic in a stock pot, and THEN drain and freeze the cooked meat, for an even faster preparation for a multitude of meal ideas. See other tips from my Mom.

Other than meats in the freezer, what else do you need?

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