Grilled Chicken, Summer Dinner Salad

by Donna Dick
(Martin, TN)

A cool Summer Salad on a hot day is great change of taste!

A cool Summer Salad on a hot day is great change of taste!

A cool Summer Salad on a hot day is great change of taste!
Fills you up, without weight-ing you down.

This is a wonderful prepare-ahead meal. How many times have you gotten to the end of a hot, hard, day and wished you had something already prepared for supper? Make these the night before, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate. You don't even have to reheat them. Just pull it from the fridge, add salad dressing, and ENJOY~!

If you don't have a grill, no problem, just pan-fry or broil the chicken and use as directed. Even easier, you can get pre-cooked, packaged chicken at your grocer.


Serves:2 Prep Time:10 min Cook Time:15 min

2 whole boneless, skinless, chicken breast
1/4 teaspoon Old Bay Seasoning (optional)
4 cups pre-packaged Romaine Salad mix (includes carrots, cabbage, & Romaine)
2 eggs,**whole, raw in shell
6 saltine cracker squares
Your choice of bottled salad dressing

Fresh vegetables and toppings of choice (whatever you have in fridge):
cherry tomatoes or tomato slices
green pepper slices
carrots, julienned
fresh mushroom slices(drained canned will work too)
cucumber slices
Raisins or Dried cranberries
pecans, walnuts, or almonds
chopped apples
sliced strawberries
fresh blueberries
grated cheese

Quick Instructions:
1. Wash lettuce, place on plates. Top with any other desired fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.; of your choice.
2. Top with grilled chicken and hard boiled eggs.
3. Add salad dressing, crushed crackers, enjoy.
1) *Hard boil eggs *Place eggs in a small cooking pot. Add cold water just enough to cover eggs. Place over medium heat and begin timing for 15 minutes. When eggs begin to boil, reduce heat to simmer and continue to cook for remaining minutes.. Remove from heat; pour hot water out of pot. Add cold water and ice cubes to pot and set aside to “quick-cool” before peeling eggs.
While eggs are boiling and cooling, prepare salad and cook chicken.

(2) Wash salad mix thoroughly with cold water. Drain using a salad spinner or allow to drain in a collander. Divide salad mix evenly onto 2 dinner plates. Slice, chop, or julienne desired fresh fruits & vegetables and use to top salad. Place in fridge while chicken is cooking.

3) Heat grill to medium heat. If chicken breasts are over 1 inch thick, fillet the chicken breasts in half to make them easier to cook and to shorten cooking time.
(To do this, lay the chicken breast flat on a cutting board, and cut through the middle, parallel to the board. You should get two cuts of chicken approximately the same size).

4) Rub the chicken down thoroughly with Old Bay Seasoning (or just use salt and pepper if desired); making sure they are well coated. Place chicken on grill for 5 minutes, flip to other side and continue to cook for an additional 4 minutes or until no longer pink inside.

5) Remove chicken from grill, slice breasts 1/4 to 1/2 inch slices; place on top of salads. Add 3 crushed saltine crackers on each salad and top with your choice of salad dressing.

1. Get creative with your choice of toppings. Chopped apples, pecans, raisins or dried cranberries added to any salad really pleases the tastebuds and is wonderful with Ranch Dressing.
2. Try cutting chicken nuggets or fish sticks over your salad (instead of grilled chicken) for a crispy twist.

(1) For health reasons; ALWAYS prewash lettuce, fresh fruits and vegetables (even if the package reads "prewashed").
(2) Pre-washed, pre-packaged salads can become a little slimy after a few days if left in their package. If you wash and dry it yourself as soon as you bring it home from the store, you will be increasing the shelf-life and freshness of the salad. You’ll also be removing possible bacteria, pesticides, and eliminating doubts about safety from your mind. Do not place the washed salad back into the package it came out of. Wash/Dry the salad and place into a Ziploc bag or "green bag" and store in the vegetable crisper of your refrigerator.

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