Easy Hamburger Dinner

Calling this 'recipe' an easy hamburger dinner is an understatement!  It has a total of three ingredients, so one wouldn't think it would be very tasty.  Considering that, it's surprisingly good, and the perfect thing to throw together when you don't have anything to cook. 

three ingredient hamburger dinner


1 pound of ground meat cooked with 1/2 of a chopped onion

1 can Ranch Style Beans (chili beans if your grocer doesn't stock Ranch Style)

1 can hominy


After cooking the hamburger meat with the onion, drain the excess grease from it.  Add the can of Ranch Style beans; don't drain.  Stir in a can of hominy, drained. 

Heat through and serve.  I made my fried green beans and some crescent rolls. 

Thanks Marsha for the recipe.

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