Easy Casserole Recipes

You know you love them - easy to make casserole recipes.  Generally this means you won't dirty a lot of dishes and often times you get to skip the next day of cooking because you will have leftovers!  Those two things make casseroles rank highly in my book.

I have them categorized by chicken, beef, vegetable, seafood, and breakfast.  Scroll down for full collection.

You may want to take some advice from my sister, who has been doubling the recipe each time she cooks a casserole. She cooks one for dinner that night, and freezes one for future use! So smart! If you're already going to the trouble to make one, it's really no more difficult to double it. Thanks Tara for the advice on how to build easy freezer casseroles.

Beef Casserole Recipes

enchilada casserole

Enchilada Casserole Recipe

So simple and tasty, this might become a regular around you house

Mexican Casserole

Mexican Casserole

Made with crescent rolls and velveeta cheese, this one always gets rave reviews.

Doritos Casserole

Doritos Casserole

Come on...it's made with Doritos.  You know it's good!

tater tot casserole

Tater Tot Casserole Recipe

A classic.  This  one never goes out of style.

bacon cheeseburger casserole

Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole

A big giant two thumbs up X 5 for this recipe.  Every single person in my house went nuts for this casserole.

hamburger and fries casserole

Hamburger and Fries Casserole

One of your favorite combinations in a skillet meal.

chinese noodle casserole

Chinese Noodle Casserole

This dish has been made by my grandmother for many years, then my mom used to make it, and now we do.

Chicken Casserole Recipes

king ranch casserole

King Ranch Casserole

King Ranch is king in Texas, but you don't have to be from Texas to enjoy this delicious favorite.

Mexican Chicken Casserole

Mexican Chicken Casserole

This time Doritos and chicken are combined to make one incredibly tasty hot dish.

chicken and broccoli casserole

Chicken and Broccoli Casserole

A family favorite, noodles, veggies, chicken and cheese make this a regular at our house.

easy sour cream chicken enchiladas

Sour Cream Chicken Enchilada Casserole

You won't believe how simple these are to make and how incredible they taste.  This was one of the recipes that started this site.

Chicken Mozzarella Casserole

Quick and Easy...everyone loves that

Chicken and Artichoke Casserole

With a divine list of ingredients, this is bound to be a winner, but I haven't made it around to trying it yet.

Kid's Favorite Chicken and Noodle Casserole

A hug in a dish, this casserole is pure comfort food.

Seafood Casseroles

Easy Shrimp Jambalaya

Tuna Casserole

One of my childhood favorites, I remember my mom making this.

Vegetable Casseroles

Veggie Casserole

This was surprisingly good!  It exceeded my expectations in every way.

Corn Casserole Delight

If you haven't every tried a corn casserole, you're missing out.  This stuff is 'da bomb!

Cheaters Creamy Potato Casserole

Broccoli Cheese Casserole

Cream Broccoli Casserole

Broccoli and Rice Casserole

Mexican Squash Casserole

Turnip Greens Casserole

Breakfast Casseroles

French Toast Casserole Recipe

Big Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast Casserole with bacon

Cheesy Breakfast Casserole (sausage)

Easy Bake Breakfast Casserole

I hope you enjoy these Easy Casseroles! I have many, many more recipes coming! This site is being updated daily, so please bookmark me and come back for more!

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