Easter Dessert Recipes

Fantastic Easter dessert recipes, from fun to sophisticated, I'm including them here. Enjoy!

Printable Easter games. Instant eggs-citement! Just add paper

Easter Birds Nest
Cute and yummy
little Easter Treat!
EASY too!

Easter Cookie Recipe
These are easy
and fantastic. Make them
at every holiday!

Easter Cake Recipe
Made with 3 sherbets
vanilla ice cream
and whipping cream
It's colorful and beautiful!

Big Red Cake
My favorite cake recipe
and perfect for Easter
with it's bright pink and
yellow colors!

Pineapple Bread Pudding
This would make a fantastic
Easter dessert Recipe

Dump Cake
It simply doesn't get any
easier, and tastes fantastic too
Can I recommend apricot or peach
for Easter dessert.

Top of Easter Dessert Recipes

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