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I'd love to share with you some of my favorite drink recipes!

From margaritas, to punch recipes you'll find plenty of free online drink recipes on my site.

I add new recipes regularly, so check back soon for more.

Alcoholic Drink Recipes

Better than Perfect Margarita
This is my personal favorite!
You MUST try these if you love margaritas!

Perfect Margarita
This is a copycat recipe of Applebee's
delicious shaken Perfect Margarita.

Presidente Margarita
A Chili's copycat recipe of the Presidente Margarita.

Fruity Rudy
A yummy drink made with mango vodka, pineapple orange juice, and a splash of grenadine.

Pink Panty Droppers
With vodka, beer, and pink lemonade, it's no wonder why it has a name like pink panty droppers!

Sex on the Beach Vodka, Peach Schnapps, cranberry and
orange juice round out this
delicious mixed drink.

Liqueur Recipes

It's much less expensive to make your own, and they taste grand. Now you can invite all of your friends over for Bulldogs, Mudslides, Black Russians, and more.

Kahlua coffee liqueur
I love to make up a batch
of this during the holidays
and put it in small bottles to give as gifts.
Then you can make all kinds of
kahlua drink recipes.

Irish Cream Liqueur
Bailey's Irish Cream is expensive,
but you can make this and
keep it in the fridge for a little Bailey's
and coffee anytime.

Grand Marnier Liqueur Recipe
Make this Grand Marnier for use
in your favorite margarita recipe.

Punch Recipes

Find you perfect punch recipes here! Be it for a wedding, baby shower, or family gathering, I'm sure I'll have a perfect punch for your occasion.

Coffee Punch
Coffee, Ice cream, chocolate all in a punch.
This may very well be my favorite punch recipe.

Simple Sherbert Punch
You can't go wrong with this easy to make,
delicious punch.

Champagne Punch
I love to serve this beautiful punch
that's made with strawberries, pink lemonade,
ginger ale and champagne.

Do you prefer a glass of wine with your meal?

You're not alone! I enjoy an occasional glass of wine, usually a Riesling for dessert, but hey, I don't know anything about putting wine and foods together. However my friends at have all the answers for properly pairing wine with appetizers and more!

Their General Principles on Wine and Food Tasting Pairing is an awesome guide full of information that I, the novice, could never give you. I know you'll enjoy their site.

Coffee Recipes

Frosted Black Coffee
What makes this coffee great is ice cream!
If you're a coffee lover, try this one.

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