Cool Kitchen Gadget: CDN Digital Programmable Probe Thermometer

by Tiffany

Cooking Prime Rib? A meat thermometer is a must if you want a delicious prime rib roast. This cut of meat is far too expensive to guess and chance overcooking.

These babies also come in handy for making absolutely certain you have the correct poultry or pork internal temperature.

There's no need to pull the food from the oven, either to test the temperature. Simply insert the probe into the recommended part, then set the main piece on the stove or countertop next to your oven. Want to stop the cooking at exactly 165 degrees. Set the alarm to go off when that internal temperature is reached. Now you can go do other things and not worry about over or undercooking your meat.

I consider it a must have in every kitchen. We love ours.

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