Christmas Appetizers

Our family loves to do a huge spread of Christmas Appetizers on Christmas Eve. The fire is glowing, the Christmas carols are playing in the background, the tree is decorated, and the children are full of anticipation for the jolly guy to come. It's Christmas Eve, perhaps my favorite evening of the year.

Read on for fantastic Christmas Appetizer Recipes.

cheese ball recipe

Cheese Ball Recipe
Christmas isn't Christmas
without a cheese ball!
And this one's the BEST!

cream cheese stuffed celery

Cream Cheese Stuffed Celery
One of my favorite
Christmas Appetizers!
I love the flavor &
the crispy crunch!

summer sausage recipe

Gramma's Summer Sausage
Love, love summer sausage
and cheese with crackers!
Although this started as a
Christmas tradition, I make
it year round, now.

ham roll ups recipe

Ham Roll Ups
Cream Cheese with
green onions wrapped
inside ham slices.

spicy trash recipe

Spicy Texas Trash
We love our trash!
Make this after Thanksgiving
and you should have enough to
carry you through the holiday season.

sausage balls recipe

Sausage Balls Recipe
Marvel in the ease
and marvel in the taste!
Best served hot, so not
one I would make far in advance.

7 layer dip recipe

Seven Layer Dip
Popular in the late 80s
we still serve huge
platters of this dip
every year.

white dip

White Dip
We call it "white dip"
surely it has a name,
but for 25 years it's
always been a holiday staple.

If you are hosting a holiday party and need some ideas, check out my friend Sandee's Christmas Party Ideas page.

Check back for more of our favorite Christmas Appetizer Recipes. We tend to be creatures of habit serving these same holiday favorites each year, but I'd love to hear from you all. What are your favorites?

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