Chili n' Corn

Some recipes are born out of sheer desperation--the kind where you're in a hurry and tearing the pantry apart. Here's mine:

1 can of any chili with beans you already have

1 can of Rotel brand diced tomatoes w/green chilis (the secret ingredient that adds a huge punch of flavor!)

1 can of sweet corn ( I prefer summer crisp or white shoe peg)

Dump can contents into a a pan, heat and stir. Serve with tortillas, large canned biscuits, or just bread and butter. Add a green salad on the side if you must.

There. Dinner done in about 5 minutes.

I usually make chili from scratch and keep the canned stuff around just for when the fellas want chili, cheese dogs. But, this ridiculously easy meal was so unexpectedly well received that I next tried it for a pot luck, then a post funeral dinner, and then, well, you get the picture. Who woulda thought? What most folks seemed to enjoy was the pop of sweetness from the corn, mixed in with the heat and spice of the chili.

From Donna Wood, Lemoore, California

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