Cheese, egg and veggie breakfast

by Sarah Jolliffe
(Kincardine, Ontario, Canada)

what you need:

  • fork

  • plastic spatula

  • non stick pan

  • stove (of course)

  • a knife

  • a small bowl

  • 6 eggs

  • pat of butter

  • a lot of grated cheese

  • 3 medium precooked potatoes diced

  • vegetables of your choice chopped small

How to:
1. first take the stove and heat element at low-medium heat.
2. add small slice of butter onto non stick pan. place on low heated element.
3. grab all 6 eggs and crack into small bowl. Beat with fork.
4. take diced potatoes and place onto non stick pan.
5. stir gently while adding eggs.
6. add finely chopped vegetables of you choice.
7. stir until potatoes are turning golden.
8. add grated cheese. stir slowly until cheese all melted.

Then you are ready to serve! ENJOY!

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