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Cathy's cookbooks are a beautiful addition to your cookbook collection or to give as a gift!

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I've known Cathy for 15 years, and she is by far the best cook I know. I remember her making me a cake for my 17th birthday with fluffy white icing (my favorite).

Her first cookbook called the Hummer House Recipe Collection. It's an 85 page cookbook filled with go-to recipes that you will use ALL of the time. Her current cookbook is called A Second Helping of Hummer House Recipes.

From the inside of Cathy's Cookbook,

"The idea for this collection originated long ago with a desire to share a written record of my favorite recipes with my children. As long as I can remember I have loved cooking and sharing the fruits of my labors with others. As a single mom, my cooking talents saved the day (and the budget!) many times...from baking pies for a local restaurant to cooking hot rolls for holiday gatherings and everything in between. In 2005 I married Dan and became a part of the Brown Ranch. I now enjoy cooking for family, friends and occasional guests. My greatest pleasure would be to provide you with the cookbook that you reach for the most often. Enjoy!" Cathy

Just an interesting side note on Cathy and the Brown Ranch, located near San Angelo, Texas...The Brown Ranch is the summer home to Texas' largest concentration of breeding Black-chinned Hummingbirds, complete with three cottages available to rent and an observation room all set on a beautiful ranch in West Texas shaded by giant pecan trees and surrounded by wildlife.

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