Better than Perfect Margarita

Are you a fan of a better than perfect margarita? Me too! Could be a Texas thing, but Margaritas and Mexican food go together like milk and cookies. I've gotta have the two together!

I like El Jimador or Dos Dedos tequila, but choose whatever you prefer. It's my opinion that unless you're taking tequila shots, it's not all that important mixed in a margarita.

This better than perfect margarita recipe is my favorite, hands down! I even served these at my wedding reception in a fountain. What's better than a fountain flowing full of margaritas?

Ingredients needed:

  • Tequila
  • Frozen limeade, 1 can
  • 7-up or Sprite (diet can be used too with virtually no taste difference!)
  • 1 bottle of Corona or Dos Equis beer
  • Margarita Salt


  1. In a punch bowl or a serving pitcher add your can of frozen limeade, don't throw away your empty can! This is your measuring device for your for your other liquids!
  2. 7-up, add one full can
  3. and tequila, add one full can.
  4. Open your bottle of beer and add to the mixture. Serve on the rocks with margarita salt.
    1. *do not put in blender or mixture will explode!


      *serve with fresh lime wedges or slices for added flavor

      *any kind of beer will do, but I find that Mexican beer makes the best Margarita

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