AGUA DE MELON (Cantaloupe Water)

by Jessica Lara
(Columbus, ohio)

My husband showed me this one. It is so simple and so easy but the best thirst quencher ever. To make one gallon you will need:

  • One Large cantaloupe or two small ones

  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Ice
1. Cut up the cantaloupe into little chunks.

2. Put half of the chunks into a blender and fill half way with water

3. liquify for about five minutes. Turn off and on every minute to get the chunks on the bottom.

4. Pour this into a gallon pitcher.

5. Take a little more than half of the remaining cantaloupe chunks and repeat steps 2-4 (pour into the same pitcher).

6. Add sugar to taste and if your pitcher is not full add water to make one gallon. (It really depends on how ripe and sweet the cantaloupe was to begin with as to how much sugar you will use ,I usually use about one cup).

7.Add remaining chunks into the pitcher. This is optional as I usually give them to my son lol. Fill glasses half way with ice and fill with your delicious agua de melon.

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