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Tiffany Rangel

Do you ever wonder who's behind a website? I want to make the cooking experience personal. This is about bonding with your family and friends, and above all making it easy so that YOU can enjoy yourself, too! Don't you hate it when you've worked so hard that you don't even have fun?

So here I am, your real live mother to a now 3 year old beautiful boy, wife of a handsome man that loves to cook, daughter and granddaughter of two of the best cooks I know, and sister to my best friend, who is also a mother of three and helps me pick out meals for YOU and YOUR family.

My name is Tiffany. I am from the mesquite trees and cactus filled area of rural Texas. It's a 50 mile drive to a Wal-mart from my home, so I have to be a smart shopper, and a smart meal planner!

Below is a picture of my baby boy Rhett taken Easter a couple of years ago, with chocolate on his lips. Cute, isn't he?

Cooking was NOT ever my forte! But, now that I have a family, I feel the strong desire to give to my family what my mom gave to us! I have fond memories of our family meals while growing up. I want to give that to my child.

The picture above is Rhett along with my sister's girl, Jaci.

My sister and I are frequently on the phone, and often discuss what she's cooking for dinner and what I'm cooking for dinner. That's where the idea for this website started!

Where do you go for quick and easy dinner ideas? Sometimes I don't plan in advance, and then what? I call my sister. I thought it would be great to have a website with dinner ideas, no fancy ingredients because I won't have time to go buy them, and you may not either. I want this to place you come visit when you need an idea! I want to make it personal for you, too!

Update: Dec. 2009 Why do I spend all of this time to create this website? It began as a hobby in December of 2007, with no knowledge of how to create a website. Now it's evolved into a successful website, and I'm proud to say it pays the mortgage, my car payment, and a little more each month. All the while, I get to work in my pajamas and play "helicopters" all day. has become a wonderful way to help me contribute to our family, all while working a few hours or so on it each evening.

I want to thank you for visiting my website! With each visit, you help support me and help make the website a bigger success. I am grateful for your presence and your comments, suggestions, and recipes.

I hope you enjoy!


PS. If you're curious about how to successfully build a website about a business, hobby or passion, I'd like to share. I pass this along simply because I DIDN'T have a clue! Had I not stumbled upon the information when looking for wedding reception ideas, I would not be here today. I'm eternally grateful that I found Solo Build It, so if you'd like to learn more here's More Info on SBI.

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