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Sweets for your sweetie. Try these Valentine Sugar Cookies with Printable Romantic Coupons for an adorable treat.

Here are two great options for cooking a fantastic Valentine Day Dinner for your sweetheart! Plan accordingly.

The first option is Swedish Chicken Breasts I picked something that won't be too heavy or too difficult! The prep time is about 5 minutes, but you need 2 1/2 to 3 hours of oven time, so plan this in advance. This is recipe from a good friend of mine, Cathy, and these Swedish Chicken Breasts are perhaps my favorite meal that she prepares. I recommend serving them with my best green beans. If you want to go all out and make your man really happy, try Cathy's homemade hot rolls. Let me tell you, even if your man isn't a big chicken eater...most aren't...he'll love this meal! It tastes so good, he'll be asking for more. But you've got to save room for dessert, that's why you want to keep the meal simple! Too much food and he'll be fast asleep long before the night is over.

Want to make absolutely sure he'll stay awake for the dessert course? Try this fun Valentine's Sexy Strip Game! Highly recommended for a fun an interesting evening. Don't forget to close the blinds!

The second option is unbelievably delicious too. This meal is so impressive. Roasted Garlic Prime Rib is my favorite new recipe. Don't be intimidated if you've never cooked prime rib, because I give you complete instructions. You'll need to plan this in advance and order your butcher to cut you a prime rib roast. I can't stress enough that this is worth it! We love this meal with fresh asparagus in garlic butter sauce and fresh artichokes. The flavors really compliment each other.

Pair this dinner with the oh-so-fun Massage Race Printable Board Game.

Homemade Chocolate Valentine Desserts/candy

Why buy store bought chocolates this Valentine's Day? Here are your chocolate candy recipes, ready for the taking! Easy recipes that are sure to impress your friends, family, and significant others! Fresh is ALWAYS better!

Toffee Recipe with or without chocolate

This 5 minute fudge recipe is so super easy, and you could use a little heart shaped cookie cutter or freehand it to make little heart shaped fudge bites! Yummy and sweet!

Is your family more the pie eating type? How about Chocolate Cream Pie?

Delicious, yummy, always a hit, make your family these chocolate brownies to show them how much you love them!

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Enjoy these Valentine recipes! You know your husband/boyfriend will appreciate the time and effort you put into a delicious meal and homemade chocolates! Have fun while your cooking! Put on some great music, pour yourself a glass of wine or your choice of beverage, and relax! It'll come together beautifully.

Having a Valentine's Day Party? Make it unforgettable with this Valentine Party Games Pack!

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